Arak – The Milk of Lions

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The only thing that matches the warmth of a family dinner in Lebanon is the climate, that is why we always have a cold Arak by our sides during large family gatherings. A small glass filled with ice and our favourite anise-flavoured spirit helps cool us down as we recline in our chairs, nibble on an exquisite grilled lamb chop dipped in equally delicious humus, and take the time to be closer to our loved ones. At Maison du Mezze, one of our key values is giving people in London the tools to experience our beautiful family culture. To get a full experience of our culture, a meal at Maison du Mezze should always be accompanied by Arak – it is the quintessential flavour of the Middle East.

What is Arak?

Arak is a clear liquid that turns white when mixed with water and ice, the usual consistency is about one third arak and two thirds water. This dilution is called louching, the two clear liquids (water and Arak) turn cloudy white. You now have in front of you what we call the Milk of Lions. Suitably, it is a strong drink, weighing in at around 50% (vol./100), meant to be lightly sipped on throughout the course of a long meal. Mezze eating, where copious smalls dishes are sent to the table, is the perfect way to enjoy this drink – and as this our way of eating, it makes Maison du Mezze the perfect place to enjoy festivities the Arab way.

The process in which the arak turns water milky white is called louching.


When is Arak most commonly consumed?

Arak is most commonly served, and best enjoyed in social settings or gatherings. Why drink on your own when you can drink with others? Dinner parties, family events, and meet n’ greets are a perfect setting for Arak. It could even be a talking point with a client if you are on a business-date. It can really help break the ice. If you have an up-coming social event, why not do it the Arabic way?

Maison du Mezze provide the perfect setting for you and your friends to come and enjoy the Arab way of drinking. As we explained in our previous blog, a Lebanese dinner is meant to be slow, so we can enjoy each-others company – and we should cherish great things. Arak matches this perfectly. Come to Maison du Mezze, grab some arak and enjoy some exquisite Lebanese food over the course of a couple of hours with your loved ones.

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