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Healthy Eating in London

At Maison du Mezze we enjoy life to its fullest; that is why healthy eating is one of our core values. In everything we prepare we use fresh, locally produced ingredients prepared in light oils and fats to give the optimal balance of nutrition and calories. But why do we love eating healthy? There is a simple response: eating healthily allows lets us enjoy our lives more – and in this weeks article, we are going to be showing you how and why this is the case – alongside giving some top tips for staying on-top of your health. Firstly, we will explain how to eat right, and then explain the benefits of doing so, concluding that as life-lovers, we should always eat-smart.

Myth Number 1

The first tip we provide you contradicts a common perception, one that you most probably have heard before. There is a understanding that men should eat 2500 calories a day, and women should eat 2000. This is incorrect. Your calorie intake should vary daily based on what you are doing. If one day is more sedentary than another, ensure you eat less. If a day is more physically laborious, or you have gone to the gym, then ensure you eat more. But remember, quality always supersedes quantity when it comes to food. We need to eat-smart.

Myth Number 2

Here we get to some of the more nuanced information concerning healthy eating. Sometimes we find we eat loads of food but are still hungry, this is especially noticeable when going to low quality fast-food restaurants. They have given us the calories, but why are we still hungry?

Low quality fast-food is high in calories, and low in nutrition. These are called “empty calories”. Low quality food does not give our bodies the nutrition it needs to function. Eating this food will give you energy to burn, but nothing your vital organs and immune system need to function. If we only eat food with empty calories, our bodies want more and more, because they cannot find what they are looking for. This is understood as one of the causes of obesity. People eat too much, and their bodies want more food.

We should eat smart

You don’t need to be a fastidious calorie counter, just make sure you think about how much activity you will be doing, and listen to your body. Grab some nutrient filled foods and be on your way to having a great day! Eating smart is a balancing act, we need to make sure we are eating enough whilst ensuring what we are eating is giving our bodies the nutrition it needs. If we eat the right amount, we will healthily lose weight and feel so much better in general.

So far, we have said that it is important to eat smart, and make sure we are eating enough. Now we will explain why it is important to make sure you get those minerals in your body! Minerals and vitamins in food help our immune system fight disease and illness. As lovers of life, we want to always be out and enjoying it, not cramped up in-doors with a bunged-up nose. Eating right also helps in preventing future illness “ if you eat smart, your chances of falling ill decrease significantly.

But it only gets better. Eating smart has been shown time and time again to work as an anti-depressant and reduce stress and anxiety. Eating right is your way of looking after your engine “ if you do so, it will look after you throughout life. It means you can be the best version of you! If we eat right, we look and feel great. That is why our core value of eating right is rooted in our love for life, hopefully we can share that with you!

At Maison du Mezze, pride ourselves in preparing food that is nutritious and healthy. Tasty food and healthy food are not mutually exclusive, and you will find that at our restaurant, we serve the highest quality Lebanese cuisine using fresh British produce. Eat smart at Maison du Mezze.

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