Experience “Little Arabia” at Maison Du Mezze

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A magical experience

As you are taken through the grand arches that decorate Maison du Mezze’s entrance, you find yourself in awe of your surroundings. You are no longer in Leicester square; you have just taken your first step into Little Arabia. The atmosphere changes, live music and laughter beats its way through the restaurant to your ears; and an aroma of exquisite food begins to excite your senses. But fear not, the waiter has brought you the menu. Your journey has only just begun.

Our Menu

Our menu is rich with flavour. Beginning your night with our cold mezze means being served fresh humus lightly drizzled in olive oil – to then be demolished with warm pitas and cold meats. As the starter draws to a close, a freshly cooked serving of charcoal grilled mezze arrives. Skewered meats adorn a platter of freshly grilled chicken and lamb. A delicious feast best enjoyed with a glass of red wine.


But food is not all we serve. Live music is key at Maison du Mezze, to have the Arabic feel you need to have the Arabic sound. Every weekend we host a fantastic live Arabic band to set the tone to your night. We invite you to dance, sing, or better yet clap along to our fabulous show. Arabic music is characterized by an emphasis on melody and rhythm rather than harmony, and provides a perfect atmosphere for celebrating and dancing.

At this point in your evening, the music subdues as our fabulous belly dancer begins preparing herself. She takes to the top floor and makes her way down through the restaurant with the live music parading her steps from table to table. The climax of the evening has arrived. As you enjoy your meal, you will be invited to dance or watch as her talents shine through. Her journey ends outside in the court yard, as the by-standers in Leicester square look over in envy, wishing they were part of the excitement.


If your taste of Arabia hasn’t yet been satisfied, we invite you to our shisha room to enjoy one of our copious flavours. Enjoy and relax with a couple of hookahs and pass the evening away with your friends and family with conversation and smoke at your lips.

Maison du Mezze is situated in the heart of the theatre district, 14 Leicester square. Enjoy the Arabic culture as the afterparty to your theatre visit.

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