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Breakfast has been proven time and time again to be the most important meal of the day. It provides us with nutrition and energy for the day and fuels our body. We quite literally “break” our “fast” after a good night’s sleep. We want to share with Londoners the taste of Arabia in the morning – and show you how we kick start our day. Better yet – our breakfast is only £6.95 and comes with tea, fresh orange juice, or illy coffee. Let’s take a tour through our new breakfast menu and explore how we can add some spice to your morning. We have dedicated a large part of our new menu to filling the British-belly with authentic Lebanese food.


Falafel Wednesday

Maison du Mezze is almost synonymous with “best falafel in London”. Since our opening, our falafel has been a top hit. London just hadn’t tasted authentic falafel before.

Falafel is a fantastic way to begin the day and an Arabic favourite – this is why we included it on our new menu. It has a fantastic calorie to nutritional value relation and is high in fibre and proteins; an excellent choice for vegetarians or people working towards a more plant-based diet.

You can start your day with a fresh serving of falafel every Wednesday at any Maison du Mezze restaurant.


Falafel Wednesday’s @ Maison du Mezze




Mana’eesh Fridays

Manakish, Manaeesh, Manaqish… Whatever you would like to call it… is historically a hearty Levantine plate consisting of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat. It’s the Lebanese “breakfast pizza”. Packed full of essential nutrients to get you started – Mana’eesh has a secret breakfast trick that helps you start the day well and get your brain working.

Mana’eesh is made for sharing which turns breakfast into a social event. Not only are you getting a wallop of energy to start the day – but you are also encouraged to talk and share – getting not only your body ready but also those neuropathways in your brain firing and ready for the tough day of decision making ahead of you.

Friday is the beginning of the weekend. Begin how you mean to go on… together!


Mana’eesh Fridays @ Maison du Mezze

Shakshouka Sundays

An exquisite breakfast that is the backbone of any Arabic and Mediterranean diet. This cultural favourite is comprised of eggs poached in a rich and full tomato sauce – deliciously seasoned with aromatic spices. We noticed that over the last few years Shakshouka has been cropping up on a lot of café brunch menus across Britain. This is a testament to the worthiness of this dish on your breakfast palette. But it’s time to try the authentic Shakshouka– you have to taste it to understand the difference.


Shakshouka Sundays @ Maison du Mezze

Come on the day-of-rest and enjoy a classic Lebanese dish to begin the end of the week the Arabic way!

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