cold mezze

Mixed Cold Mezze

مزة ميزون الباردة

Hummus, Moutabal, Al rahib, Labneh and Warak inab V




Chickpea puree, Tahini and Lemon juice dip V


Hummus Beiruti

حمص بيروتي

Hummus blended with garlic and parsley, topped with whole chickpeas V




Char-grilled aubergine blended with Tahini and lemon juice, topped with fresh pomeegranate seeds V


Walnut Moutabal

متبل بالجوز

Char-grilled aubergine topped with walnut VN


Al Rahib (Baba Ghanouj)


A salad of smoked aubergine, tomato, green peppers, spring onion, parsley, garlic and lemon juice V




A thick creamy strained yoghurt, blended with fresh mint and drizzled with Olive oil V




Chopped parsley, cracked wheat, tomato, mint, spring onion salad in a lemon and Olive dressing V




Mixed salad with Sumac, mint and toasted Lebanese bread in a pomegranate Vinaigrette dressing V



Maison’s Mixed Hot Mezze

ميزون ميزز الساخن المختلط

Sambousek lahmeh, kibbeh maklieh, sojuk and grilled halloumi.




Roasted tender slices of marinated meat or chicken, served with our homemade garlic sauce.


Hummus A`awarmah

حمص العواوارمة

Hummus topped with diced lamb and mixed roasted nuts.


Hummus Pinenuts


Hummus topped with pine nuts.


Hummus Shawarmah

حمص شاورما

Hummus topped with chicken or meat.


Bamia Bil Zait

بامية بل زيت

Okra cooked with tomatoes, garlic, coriander and olive oil.


Loubieh Bil Zait

لوبيه بل زيت

French green beans slow cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic in olive oil.


Moujadarra Bil Zait

مجادلة بالزيت

Crushed lentils and rice topped with caramelised onion and mixed roasted nuts.


Spicy Potato

بطاطا حاره

Sautéed potato cubes sautéed with sweet peppers, chilli, garlic and coriander.


Fried Kibbeh

مقلي كبة

Lamb with cracked wheat shell filled with marinated minced lamb, onions and pine nuts.


Onion Rings

حلقات البصل

Onion rings smothered with cheese.




Freshly fried falafel, served with pickles, green vegetables, tahini dip and Lebanese bread.



Maison`s Mixed Grill

شواية مختلطة

Char-grilled skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes lamb cutlets, minced lamb kebab and arayes maison.


Chicken Mixed Grill

شواية دجاج مشكل

An assortment of chicken kafta, grilled chicken, chicken arayes, chicken wings and shish tawouk.


Lamb Cubes

مكعبات الضأن

Char-grilled tender seasoned lamb cubes.


Kabab Halabi

كباب حلبي

Char-grilled seasoned minced lamb, onion, peppers and parsley kebabs.


Lamb Cutlets

شرحات لحم الضأن

Char-grilled seasoned lamb cutlets.


Shish Tawouk

شيش طاووق

Char-grilled marinated chicken, served with our homemade garlic sauce.


1/ 2 Boneless Chicken

دجاج مسحب

Marinated boneless baby chicken with homemade garlic sauce.


1/2 Chicken Tandoori

دجاج تندوري

Char-grilled spicy chicken marinated in yoghurt and tandoori masala



Maison’s Mixed Seafood

ميزون ميزون البحرية

Salmon, prawns, calamari and char-grilled seasonal vegetables.


King Prawns

روبيان ملك

Char-grilled prawns, marinated in lemon, garlic and coriander sauce.


Grilled Salmon Fillet

سمك السلمون المشوي فيليه

Fillet of salmon with roasted green vegetables and lemon butter sauce.


Grilled Sea bass

باس البحر المشوي

Char-grilled fillet of sea bass with olive oil and fresh lemon sauce.



Kafta Bel Tahini

كفطة بل طهيني

Oven baked kafta and potato in seasoned tahini sauce


Kafta with Tomato

كفطة مع الطماطم

Oven baked kafta and potato in our homemade tomato sauce.


Chicken and Potato

الدجاج والبطاطا

Oven baked chicken and potato in garlic lemon sauce.




Oven baked marinated chicken, smothered with sumac onion olive oil.



Maison’s 1 Meter Man’osheh

1 متر مانوشه

All-in-one: cheese, zaatar, meat, labneh, and Nutella

















Rocket Salad

سلطة جرجير

Fresh rockets leaves topped with feta cheese and lemon Olive oil dressing VD






Baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, herb and garlic marinated in Olive oil and lemon V


Stuffed Vine Leaves

ورق العنب

Vine leaves filled with rice, tomatoes, parsely and herbs, cooked in lemon juice and Olive oil V




Aged and dried cheese salad with thyme, chopped tomatoes, peppers and parsley V


Moussaka Batinjan

مسقعة باذنجان

Baked seasoned aubergine slow cooked with tomatoes, garlic, sweet peppers and chickpeas V




Mixed Mediterranean nuts crushed andblended with red peppers, bread crumbs, chilli and Olive oil VN


Caesar Salad

سلطة القيصر

Romaine lettuce, marinated toasted croutons, Parmesan cheese, finished with classic Caesar dressing VD

– Add chicken

– Add prawns





Greek Salad

سلطة يونانية

Iceberg lettuce, Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, Kalamata olives, red onions, dried oregano, lemon and Olive oil dressing  VD



Grilled Halloumi

حلوم مشوي

Grilled halloumi cheese topped with poppy and holly seeds.



Spinach Fatayer

السبانخ فطاير

Lebanese pastry boats filled with spinach, cinnamon, onions, pine nuts and lemon juice.


Cheese Fatayer

جبنة فطاير

Lebanese pastry filled with halloumi and parsley.


Meat Fatayer

لحم فطاير

Lebanese pastry filled with minced lamb, onions and parsley.




Freshly baked Lebanese flat bread topped with halloumi cheese and dry min


Chicken Wings

أجنحة دجاج

Charcoal grilled chicken wings topped with garlic, lemon and coriander sauce.



Pan seared homemade Lebanese spicy sausages with pomegranate molasses.



Lebanese Cocktail sausages flambéed in lemon juice.


Chicken Liver

كبد الدجاج

Seasoned chicken liver sautéed in lemon juice and pomegranate molasses.



Chili Prawns

روبيان تشيلي

Sautéed prawns in tomato, olive oil, chilli sauce, served with pitta bread.


Filo-Wrapped Prawns

روبيان فيلو ملفوف

Seasoned Fried prawns wrapped in Filo pastry


Pan Seared Scallops

عموم محروق الصدف

Pan seared Scallops with baby spinach.



Arayes Maison

عرايس ميزون

Freshly baked Lebanese flat bread stuffed with marinated minced lamb and cheese.



Kabab KhashKhash

كباب خاشخش

Char-grilled seasoned minced lamb, onions, peppers and garlic kebabs and topped with a spicy tomato sauce.


Kabab Antabliy

كباب عنتابلي

Char-grilled minced lamb kebab topped with spicy tomato sauce.



Chicken Curry

كاري الدجاج

Sautéed chicken in a rich and spicy curry sauce.



Lamb Curry

مصباح محمول

Sautéed lamb in a rich and spicy curry sauce.


Prawn Curry

روبيان كاري

Sautéed prawns in a rich and spicy curry sauce.


Vegetable Curry

كاري الخضروات

Sautéed vegetable in a rich and spicy curry sauce.



Lentil Soup

شوربة العدس



Chicken Soup

حساء الدجاج


Seafood Soup

شوربة ماكولات بحرية


Mushroom Soup

حساء الفطر



Lebanese Salad

سلطة لبنانية



Yoghurt Cucumber and Mint Salad

الزبادي الخيار وسلطة النعناع


Arabic Salad (Spicy)

سلطة عربية (حار)


Tomato and Onion Salad

سلطة الطماطم والبصل



Lebanese Rice

الأرز اللبناني



Macaroni and Cheese

المعكرونة والجبن


French Fries

البطاطس المقلية


Grilled Vegetables

خضروات مشوية


Our Head Chef, is passionate about using authentic techniques and generations of learning to create the finest Middle East-inspired dishes.

From exquisite Lebanese mezze to charcoal grill delicacies, his menu is designed for sharing and all part of the magical charm of the Maison du Mezzé experience.

Which dish will you go for?




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