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Treat your loved ones to Lebanese Christmas Gifts

We can help you pick out presents with a dash of culture to impress all your friends. This Christmas, make sure you “get it right” by investing in an interesting and useful present for a loved one. High-street gifts are bland and marketed to everyone, you will always find a “one size fits all” present that people all but bin immediately. Don’t waste your efforts trekking down Oxford Street on the 24th, as we have a selection of Lebanese gifts that will show you care, put some thought in, and are more useful than (another) Christmas pullover!

Coffee Pot Dallah

We all have one friend who loves to indulge in coffee. Why not intrigue them with this Arabic centre piece? Traditionally, the Dallah was whipped out whilst guests were round to show off wealth, prosperity, and generosity. Today, the Dallah is better suited to socialising with friends, family, and business partners. They come in a range of different materials from brass to 24K gold and are usually adorned by semi-precious stones. Although, the traditional pot makes a fantastic gift, you can find alternate automatic versions and thermos Dallahs’ online.

If you decide to gift this to a loved one, then make sure you serve it the Arabic way (we’ll make sure you know what you’re doing). Put in water, some lightly roasted Arabic coffee, alongside ground cardamom and boil the Dallah for 10-20 minutes. Serve unfiltered for an authentic Arabic taste (and to show off that you really know what you are doing).

Amazon have a great selection. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Traditional-Arabic-Coffee-Dallah-Pot/dp/B00X35NZXI
Or check out http://www.for-sale.co.uk/arabic-coffee-pot for some amazing vintage items

Worry Beads

The original fidget spinner. Although worry beads are not exclusive to Lebanon (Ancient Greek and Egyptian men used them), these are extremely common in Lebanon. People unwind flicking through the beads of these intricately designed stress relivers. These make a fantastic gift for more just than “fidgeters.” They are shown to lessen anxiety, help concentrate when reading, and are also heaps of fun!
Worry beads are held in one hand, much like a rosary, you pass the beads through the fingers until you reach the centre, where you flip the beads and reverse track all the way back round to the centre. It seems (and looks) easy, but it isn’t. Mastering the worry beads takes time and dedication. Another favourite holding the beads by the centre and flipping them around your hand – this makes a loud slapping noise – satisfying – but irritating for others. If you are on public transport, it’s probably best to stick to the former method.

Lebanese Worry Beads

While there are tons of online stores, you can start your search here: http://www.beadtasticjewellery.co.uk/product-category/prayer-beads/worry-beads/
eBay and Amazon are also great places to check out for more vintage style.

Lebanese Sweets

The most traditional Lebanese gift. As a gift to the host of Christmas in Lebanon, one always comes equipped with an array of sweets to show our gratitude towards their generosity. We have picked our favourite to, so you can “wow” everyone (and their taste buds). Let’s introduce the first contender: for those with a sweet tooth, baklava makes a fantastic gift. A rich sweet dessert pastry with layers of chopped nuts and sweeteners held together with honey, baklava makes a wonderful pastry to eat with morning coffee (maybe even alongside a dallah).

The knafeh jibneh is another heavy contender for “best Lebanese pastry.” This sweet is filled with cheese and orange blossom syrup for a melty sweet-savoury experience. Delicious. They come served as a whole cake so there will be enough for the whole family to enjoy.
You can make your own using this recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/603631/knafeh-bil-jibne
Or pop into Maison du Mezze and we will sort you out!

These three gift ideas will give a fantastic never-done-before experience to loved ones. During the lead up to Christmas, make sure you take some time out to spend with your family. We have the perfect restaurant in the heart of Leicester Square serving equally delicious and healthy Lebanese cuisine. Come in, laugh and enjoy the family spirit. Want to learn more our exquisite Lebanese cuisine, click here.

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