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Allow us to invite you to spend Valentine’s Day with us at Maison du Mezze. We have crafted a delicious menu that will titillate your taste buds this February. Take the time to enjoy an evening of fine dining with your favourite guy or gal with our exquisite new three-course menu. With a vast range of Lebanese delicacies, there is sure to be something on here that will turn up the heat.

Let’s Get Started

Our starter comes with a myriad of choice. Choose scallops on delicious pea puree and cauliflower, or rich and decadent chicken liver pate with red onion marmalades and brioche to begin your meal with a pan-fried starter. If the Mediterranean vibe is taking over, then you could indulge in a seafood-soup comprised of mixed seafood and double cream or enjoy a delicious mozzarella bocconcini, or even a luxurious bocconcini cheese with mixed nuts, basil, cherry tomato, and pomegranate sauce.


Authentic Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Arabian Dishes


What We Came For

The flirting is over; this is where it all begins. Refill your glass and continue your journey through the Mediterranean Sea by ordering a delicious pan-fried sea-bass served with roast mushrooms and peppers; or spice things up by indulging in luxury spicy prawns cooked in butter, chilli, and garlic. Seafood isn’t all that’s on the menu tonight. We are also offering fine lamb shoulder in delicious puree with sautéed vegetable and herb jus and our Lebanese twist on the famous chicken in burgundy wine sauce: Coq Au vin. No matter your choice, your main will be a sublime infusion of Lebanese flavour. Enjoy an exciting feast of varied dishes. The best part is: there are two of you. We are sure you can grab a taste of your partner’s plate. Whatever you choose, we are sure it will be love at first bite.


Fresh healthy Lebanese, Arabic, Middle Eastern Food Vegetarian

A selection of Mezze’s fresh ingredients

Find Your Sweetie

Like Blind Date, we invite you to choose from one of our three contestants for dessert. It’s time to let your sweet-tooth loose with our exciting bachelors. Sink your teeth into the Mezze chocolate brownie with cherry sauce, served with a dollop of fresh ice cream or take to the crème brûlé with exquisite shortbread. Bachelor No.3 is a white chocolate crémeux with strawberry and almond sponge.

By this point, you’re probably salivating all over your fingers – it’s fine. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Drop us a line here.

We will set you up with a beautiful dinner in a romantic setting.

We leave the rest to you.

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