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We experienced the Christmas inauguration last week as the first few flakes of snow graced our city. Our decorations are up, but it’s still looking a little empty under the tree. If you haven’t bought your Christmas presents yet, we are here to help! This week we bring you top shopping tips, so you can stay, quite literally, ahead of the crowd.

The Eagle’s Eye

This is best Christmas shopping tip – something that we all do – but should do more. All throughout December, the Christmas eagle eye should be working. This means, whenever you see something good that you know someone would like – grab it! Don’t leave it to chance for two very good reasons.
1) You might never see it again
2) Christmas shopping is laborious, and you should “cut corners” where you can.

Use your time wisely

We are all super busy this time of year, so make sure you use your dedicated time wisely. This for the most part means, avoid Oxford, Bond, and Carnaby street. There are tons of hot spots are the capital to make use of. King’s Road, Leicester Square, Knightsbridge, and Camden Market are fantastic alternatives. And, due to its size, Westfields in Shephard’s Bush or Stratford make fantastic shopping destinations.
There is one main reason for this. Oxford street is impossible to navigate! Although it holds host to almost everything, it will take you double the time to get it due to crowded streets! Our alternatives will allow you to rustle through shops at a much faster rate. Which brings us on to our next point.



Making a list isn’t just for kids! Make sure you have set out what you want to get people. Or at the very least, make sure you have some idea of which store to go to. Never make the mistake of “wandering”. This means timewasting and a stressful realisation after 5 hours that you still haven’t bought anything!

Get A Shopping Buddy

The most obvious yet often forgotten shopping tip – make sure you go with someone you like! Although, it will mean you might need to sneak off at some point to get their present, having a shopping buddy can make the day so much easier. Stress and that “nearly jogging” like walk can be converted into laughter and a nice frolic around Westfields. Remember, Christmas is about having fun. (It also means you have someone to put a reign on your purse when those manic purchases are in sight.)

Finally, make sure you treat yourself. If you’re in London doing your Christmas shopping, come and pay us a visit. Our warm restaurant is the perfect culmination of any shopping trip (or any trip for that matter). Prepare to spoil yourself with delicious Christmas menus and fabulous Lebanese food. Although bear in mind we are very busy this time of year, so make sure you book by clicking here.

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