Make An Evening Of Theatre More Special With Private Dining

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Make an evening of theatre more special with private dining

Leicester Square is home to the best acting in the world. Thespians from all over the world have the highlights of their lives cracking the floorboards of the local theatre houses. At the heart of theatre lie the most challenging questions of all. Who are we? Why are here? What is love, and how do we find it? How can we judge the ethical decisions of others – or even – how do we find it with ourselves to trust someone? These questions, usually left unanswered, tend to culminate into a final pondering that squashes the significance of all else… Where should I have my dinner?

We can answer one of those questions for you…

Maison du Mezze

Located in the hustle and bustle of London’s theatre district, Maison du Mezze provide a space to think and eat. Although we cannot help you answer life’s more challenging questions, we excel at ensuring you may do so with a full stomach, and a smile on your face. Maison du Mezze offer the most exquisite and authentic Lebanese food in London. Our Lebanese head chef has underpinned the flavour of the Middle East, and brought it to Londoners’ doorstep using fresh, seasonal British produce. Traditionally, Middle Eastern food exclusively uses local, seasonal produce, and that is something we emulate here in our little-Lebanon.

Cold mezze is the pride and joy of any Lebanese meal, and with it comes the chickpea, garlic blend we all love, hummus. Served alongside pittas and vegetables, Tabbouleh salads provide a delicious blend of Middle-Eastern goodness. Alongside these exotic treats, we bring you our hot mezze, which includes a variety of marinated meats, cooked to perfection. As for any interludes in your meal, our bar will keep you “hydrated” whilst you wait for the taste-performance to continue. On top of this, we host live music and belly dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. Come down as we set the tone for an exquisite taste of Arabia.

We invite you to set the scene to your nights ending at our luxurious home at 14 Leicester Square. We provide private seating for your culinary needs, alongside the best dishes the Middle East has to offer. Whether the theatre provides you with ample discussion or not, we recommend you end the night empowered by the fuel of the Lebanese. And, as Franz Kafka once stated, and as we sincerely believe:

“So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all the problems for the time being.”

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