Must Try Sweet Tastes from the Levant

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The sweet air that wafts out the front door of a Lebanese patisserie could lift angels to the heavens. Intrigued, you walk in and notice all the crumbling pastries lining the room – even the walls feel like they are held together with golden honey. Welcome to your own sugar-coated fairy tale.

Lebanese patisseries are renowned for captivating this child-like joy in visitors with their fragrant smells and delicate pastries. At Maison du Mezzé we authentically recreate many of these sweet delicacies, bringing sweet-toothed smiles to visitors to our Leicester Square and Kingston restaurants.


This near-ancient treat pays homage to Lebanon’s history, being born in the Christian Byzantine Empire and later perfected in the Sultan’s palace – to be used ceremonially during the Islamic celebration of Ramadan. Years on, it has become a flagship dessert around the Middle East. Although, everyone knows Lebanon makes the best baklawa! We have brought this star dessert from the palaces of the desert to our kitchens in London.

We craft this delicacy by adorning layers of filo sheets with a sugary syrup and decorated inside and out with pistachios and pine kernels. We usually recommend this exquisite sweet alongside a cup of coffee in the morning to kick start your day, to be shared amongst friends after a hearty Lebanese meal, or like us – whenever you just fancy Baklawa.


Halawet El Jebn

Wherever the Lebanese go, Halawet El Jebn follows closely behind. It is an almost deified home favourite in Lebanon.

We craft this home favourite using a traditional method. The process begins with doughy semolina – a fine Arabic cheese, we mix it with water and sugar before filling it to the brim with ashta clotted cream and glazing it in a sugary syrup. Upon biting into the firm cheese exterior, you are met with a comforting sweet cream centre before being treated to a sweet pistachio garnish. The result is nothing more than a heavenly bite of devilish luxury.

The only thing richer and sweeter than Arabic desserts is the history and culture in which it was crafted. We hope that you are able to experience the delicate touch of a Lebanese patisserie, but if not, make your way through the grand arches of Maison du Mezzé in Leicester Square or Kingston and experience the best desserts outside of the Levant. But be warned: you’ll find that your sweet tooth will never be satisfied by a mere Haribo again.

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