Ramadan Is A Feast of Kings

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There is a tendency to associate Ramadan with sacrifice and fasting, but in our view at Maison du Mezze, it should be considered a celebration of abundance and opulence. That’s because in Lebanon, those who celebrate break their fast with an iftar fit for kings. The large volume of food and drink we indulge in when the sun sets keep us laughing and eating long into the night. Ramadan truly is about abundance and sharing delicious food once the sun has set.


Although a religious festival, Ramadan isn’t just for Muslims, it is an inclusive festival for all to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Like the celebration of Easter in Christianity, we take the time to focus on bettering ourselves for the following year to come. With the religious aspect aside, Ramadan is a time in which we unify and celebrate our diversity in Lebanon – and join together to feast on the best cuisines our history blessed us with.


At Maison du Mezze, we welcome everyone from all backgrounds to come and celebrate Ramadan through our special iftar menu, available from 9pm in both our Leicester Square and Kingston branch. Our Ramadan menu will change daily within the weeks leading up to Eid. You can view our menus here.


This indulgent menu includes four courses of exquisite Lebanese delicacies. We commence our fast by serving you our traditional Arabic soup – followed by our signature cold Mezze platter, made up of an array of Middle Eastern spices and flavours. Our waiters will then bring you the dish of the day for your main course, and the meal will be rounded off with a cool Katayef for dessert. Our menu is rich and diverse, and will be sure to keep you full until the following evening.


If you are celebrating Ramadan as a Muslim our halal menu will ensure you’ll be so full you will forget you are fasting the following evening! Even if you are not Muslim, we invite you to celebrate the most important date in the Arabic Lunar calendar, and share with us this special time.


We look forward to welcoming you into Maison Du Mezze for our special Ramadan Iftar Dining menu, available from sundown and priced at £35 per person.

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