Take a Culinary Tour of the Middle East with Maison du Mezze

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Take a Culinary Tour of the Middle East with Maison du Mezze

Nestled between Europe, Asia, the Caucasus region, and North Africa, the Middle East has been a hub for food culture exchange for centuries. The result? An area with a rich and varied cuisine that combines flavours from all over the world in unique ways. The Middle Eastern diet focusses heavily on salads, vegetables, breads, and a small amount of meat, primarily lamb. The vegetable-heavy nature of the dishes, as well as simple preparation methods, mean that this cuisine is full of healthy staple dishes, while the addition of exotic spices and herbs mean that they tastes good as much as they do good. Middle Eastern meals are often communal affairs, with everyone sharing a variety of small dishes known as mezze. Enjoy a social culinary evening with Maison du Mezze’s extensive menu of traditional Middle Eastern and Lebanese dishes, prepared to perfection by our Head Chef Ali Elazhari.


Hummus Beiruti

Pulses are a common component of Middle Eastern cuisine, and are an excellent source of protein and fibre. Reap the benefits of this food group with Maison du Mezze’s Hummus Beiruti. Chickpeas blended with garlic and fresh parsley, and garnished with whole chickpeas make for a flavourful and healthy dish to enjoy with a side of pitta bread.


Aubergine Fatoush

Another Middle Eastern favourite ingredient is aubergine. We have championed this edible member of the nightshade family in many of our mezze dishes, including the Aubergine Fatoush. Smoked aubergine in a mixed salad alongside tangy sumac spice, mint, and toasted Lebanese bread, all tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette. Not only is it delicious, this dish combines many flavours common in Middle Eastern cooking while giving you a healthy kick of vitamin B, vitamin C, and heart-friendly potassium.


Kafta Yogurtlieh

Interested in trying a Middle Eastern take on meat? While vegetable dishes tend to take centre stage, Middle Eastern meat creations are no less delicious. Try for yourself with our Kafta Yogurtlieh, char-grilled minced lamb kebab on a bed of yogurt, tomato sauce, and toasted bread, sprinkled with mixed nuts.



Round off your evening of Middle Eastern cuisine with a classic dessert of Baklawa. Although the exact origins of this dessert are unknown, the combination of thin sheets of pastry layered with crushed nuts and coated in honey has been enjoyed in the area for centuries and is the perfect bite of sweetness to enjoy with a cup of Turkish coffee at the end of the evening.

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