The Maison du Mezze Approach to Lebanese Cuisine

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Lebanonese Delight

Here at Maison du Mezze, although we are proud to represent all of Middle Eastern cuisine, our roots lie in Lebanon. Our head chef, originally from Lebanon, has created a rich and varied menu that shines a spotlight on exquisite mezze from his home country. Using the freshest of seasonal British produce and taking inspiration, not only from the Middle East, but all over the world, the head chef has added his own personal twist to our menu of sharing dishes.

Local Seasonal Ingredients

Middle Eastern cuisine uses only local, seasonal ingredients which is why, here at Maison du Mezze, it is so important that all our produce is seasonal and prepared in-house daily. Lebanese dishes are very light, with sparing use of oils and fats and a heavy focus on vegetables. A key example of such a dish is stuffed grape vine leaves, which can be filled with a combination of rice, meats, vegetables, and seasonings. We have chosen to combine rice, tomatoes, and herbs in our fresh vine leaves and then cook them in lemon juice and a little olive oil for a light and flavourful bite.

While much of the food traditionally eaten in the Middle East has similarities, each country has dishes that are more local. Our balila is a simple and comforting Lebanese dish, of chickpeas cooked in a broth of cumin, garlic, and olive oil. Enjoy it alongside our fatoush, another traditional Lebanese mezze of mixed salad combined with sumac and mint on a bed of toasted Lebanese bread and drizzled with a light pomegranate vinaigrette.

Our Menu

While staying true to his Lebanese background the head chef has added a contemporary twist to Maison du Mezze’s menu. Taking inspiration, not only from the wider Middle Eastern cuisine, but from all over the world the result is a unique and exciting dining experience. Combining the flavours of the Middle East with those of South Asia is our lamb curry, lightly sautéed lamb in a rich and perfectly spiced curry sauce. Middle Eastern dishes tend to focus on red meats, most prominently lamb, prepared and cooked in a range of interesting ways. Alongside a variety of lamb dishes, enjoy the traditional flavours and techniques of Lebanese cooking with the more subtle taste of chicken. Our Chicken Arayes brings together the traditional Lebanese pita flatbread, char-grilled, with minced chicken seasoned to perfection with a variety of herbs and spices.

Enjoy a light and fresh dinner of Lebanese cuisine, expertly prepared at Maison du Mezze. Our head chef has used his family roots and his interest in the culinary traditions of the world to develop a menu that is perfectly balanced between authentic Middle Eastern food and contemporary, culinary innovation.

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