The Perfect Maison du Mezze Pre-Theatre Dinner

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Heading into London to enjoy an evening of theatre? Set in the heart of London’s theatreland Maison du Mezze is the perfect place to enjoy a pre-theatre meal before making the most of London’s cultural offerings. Start off the night in a festive mood with one or two of our cocktails and pair them with a selection of our authentic Middle Eastern mezze to share with your theatre partner!

Set the Scene with the Best of our Cold Mezze

Start off your Lebanese theatre meal with a classic dish – our hummus beiruti. A traditional chickpea hummus blended with garlic and parsley for a little extra flavour, then generously topped with whole chickpeas. Enjoy your hummus alongside a tabouleh quinoa salad, packed full of goodness. A traditional tabouleh of chopped parsley, cracked wheat, tomato, mint, and spring onion in a dressing of lemon and olive oil, we’ve mixed in superfood quinoa for a little added nutty flavour and a boost of protein. Round off your selection of cold mezze with some makdous, baby aubergines filled with a flavourful blend of walnuts, herbs, garlic, and lemon juice.

Enjoy an Encore with a Second Course of our Hot Mezze

Try the best of our hot mezze with our mixed platter, perfect for two. This selection includes sambousek lahmeh, a crispy, golden Lebanese pastry filled with minced lamb meat, onions, and parsley. Discover our kibbeh maklieh, a meatball of marinated lamb and pine nuts encased in a cracked wheat shell. The platter also comes with spicy Lebanese sausage that has been pan-fried and coated in fragrant and tangy pomegranate molasses. Completing your mixed mezze selection are slices of halloumi, lightly grilled to for a salty, perfectly smoky accompaniment to your meal.

Finish Dinner with a Show-Stopping Dessert

Round off your Middle Eastern feast with our freshly-made atayef. Lebanese blinis filled with aromatic ashta cream and topped with syrup they are the perfect bite of sweetness to complete your dinner. Looking for something a little more decadent? Opt for our magical dark chocolate sphere. Pour warm white chocolate sauce over the dark chocolate and discover its filling of cream, almonds, pistachio sauce, strawberries and raspberries, and vanilla ice cream.

Make the most of London’s cosmopolitan culture with a relaxed sharing dinner of authentic Middle Eastern dishes before heading out into the heart of Leicester Square for a evening of dramatic entertainment.

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