The Secrets to Great Tasting Lebanese Cooking

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At Maison Du Mezze, our cooking is inspired by recipes that have been handed down through generations of families and perfected over lifetimes.

These traditional cooking methods are still used in both our Leicester Square and Kingston restaurants.

This week, we wanted to share with you the secrets of authentic Lebanese cooking, revealed to us by our chefs who were once taught to cook by their grandmothers. These top tips really do transform the ordinary dish to the sublime, as flavours best combine to showcase the delicious ingredients of the Levant.

Here are a few of our favourites that will give you a glimpse into this style of traditional Lebanese cooking.

Charcoal Grill – King Prawns

Biting into these Mediterranean delicacies delivers a rich and succulent explosion of flavour achieved by marinating the prawns in a sharp lemon, garlic and coriander sauce followed by a high-heat charcoal grilling.

The secret is to cook the prawns for longer on the shell side so that the flavour is locked in. This technique produces a rich charcoal flavour on the underside of the prawn that beautifully juxtaposes the delicious zest of the marinade.



This red, hot and spicy dip is served cold and is always found at Lebanese family gatherings. It’s vegan and provides a fragrant feast of savoury-ethical goodness to the table.

Our Muhamarah is made using a unique blend of crushed mixed Mediterranean nuts blended with red pepper, breadcrumbs and chilli. Our grandmother’s secret tip was to pour olive oil in the middle of the dip when it is served, so that when you devour your way through it, the oil combines with the blend of spices resulting in the perfect balance of flavours. The dishes provide a vivid sensory journey, and at our London and Kingston restaurants you can enjoy it as a starter, leaving a spicy tingle in your mouth making you hungry for more to come!


This appetising starter is common place at a Sunday family gathering and if you’ve never tasted it before, it’s like biting into a crispy Lebanese halloumi pizza.

Expert advice from our grandmas say the secret is to keep the crust thin and the halloumi thick. At Maison Du Mezze, we do just that with wafer thin crusts and thick pieces of halloumi which will delight your senses. Those with a more perceptive palate will notice the subtle hint of mint running through our Kallaj – another top tip.

We have a lot to thank our families for at Maison du Mezzé. Our restaurants pay homage to the fantastic Lebanese traditions and authentic tips that have been passed down through the generations, to create London’s best Lebanese food.

If you’re new to Lebanese cuisine, come down and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will talk you through our menu and make sure you select dishes that our grandmothers would be proud of!

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