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Lebanese Food in the UK

Part of our mission statement when we opened the doors to our flagship at Leicester Square was to revolutionise how people saw Lebanese food in the UK. A Lebanese meal is traditionally centred around meat, however, we know how to focus on ensuring a balanced, nutrient-rich menu. Beyond our diverse selection of foods, we strive toward guarantee satisfying your body’s need for vitamins and minerals. Everything down to the way we cook and prepare our food is committed to your health – and that is why we grill all our food. This week, in keeping with our commitment to ensuring our readers keep on top of their health, we will outline why you should grill your food, and subsequently, you will understand why we do.

Grilling is the healthiest way to prepare meat for numerous reasons as it allows your food to retain more of its nutrients than alternative methods of preparation. A slab of meat prepared over an open fire preserves riboflavin and thiamine, two important nutrients that play a key role in a healthy diet. Riboflavin is involved with the majority of the body’s processes, and a deficiency will lead to a magenta coloured tongue, cracks in the skin, and sores around the sides of the mouth. Thiamine is similar. It does so much for the body that it would take another article to posit its necessity in your diet. You will not notice it “do” anything, but will certainly miss it when it’s gone, and you’re left covered in sores. We get these vitamins from meats, and grilling them is the best way of preserving them.

Why Grilling is Best

Grilled meat has the added benefit that it is not fried in its own or any other fat; only when using the charcoal grill, will you see how much fat you lose from a slab of meat. Try to recall the last barbeque you were at – and remember how much fat dripped from those hamburgers you grilled under the “leaving-something-to-be-desired” British sun. A similar level of fat parts ways with our fresh meats before they hit your table. Frying and even oven-cooking allow the meat to lightly simmer in its own fat before being served which again puts grilling @no.1 if health is your priority.

Prime cuts

The grill also locks-in moisture meaning you need to use less (or no) butter or oil. The meat will cook in its own fat. Grilled food is cooked in its own fat, (which later drips away) meaning it is unnecessary to add anything else. This means grilled food has a significantly lower calorie count. Let’s take a second to talk about calories and nutrients – how are they related? Your body needs a certain dose of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and a certain number of calories (energy) to work. Healthy food will supply a strong nutrient to calorie relationship. Grilling food minimises calorie intake by reducing fat intake (both the meat/vegetables own fat and additional butter) and maximising nutritional value (as we saw with our two important vitamins).

Come and see what the fuss is about

There are plenty of reasons to visit Maison du Mezze, and if high quality and healthy food is amongst your agenda for a healthy meal, then we just added another. Come down and grab one of our charcoal grill menus and experience the taste of Arabia like never before. We grill everything from vegetables – to fish – to meat. If you’re busy then fret not, enjoy using these health tips at home to keep on top of your health or save them for summer. You never know, it might even help with a trivia quiz at some point.

Wishing you a Happy New Year
Maison du Mezze

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